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Yankee Stadium Rated Worst in America in Food Safety Report

ESPN wrote a long report grading every stadium and arena’s food safety and when it comes to Major League Baseball, Yankee Stadium was rated as the most disugsting place to eat.


We can never call the New York Yankees a middle of the road team. The Yankees are always on top no matter. Even if it means we are the most gross team when it comes to food safety.

According to the report, uncooked food is cross-contaminated, the employees contaminated oh, and there were flies and sewage in the food.

That’s my squad. I’m prouder to be a Yankees fan today than I was yesterday after reading ESPN’s assessment of how unpalatable the food is at the ballpark.

All those bugs and employees not covering their hair and food being cooked at the wrong temperature is the perfect homestyle feel you want from your chicken fingers. Just like mama made it.

You can see the full report here.




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