WWE Diva Natalya Got Her Front Teeth Kicked Straight Out of Her Face

BRB….. Just grabbing two new front teeth! ………. All in a days work! ?? (I was made in the Dungeon….)

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Jesus, what is that monster? That is startling. Remember the good ol’ days when we used to watch WWF divas just rip each other’s clothes off? The glory days. You know who would never lose their front teeth? Torrie Wilson. I spent a lot of my free time trying to catch a Torrie Wilson nip slip.

Well now, WWF divas are actually wrestling and this is the result: teeth everywhere. I like Natalya a lot actually. For a buff chick, she’s pretty hot. Plus, she can really wrestle her ass off. Having said that, I’m going to need these broads to keep their teeth in their mouth.

Natalya trying really hard and wrestling well is cool or whatever but like, what do you think Torrie Wilson is up to? Probably just living her life with two front teeth and shit.


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