writer for deadseriousness

Deadseriousness is the brainchild of Lester Lee, a narcissistic, megalomaniac who is obsessed with 4 things:1. The New York Knicks 2. Superman 3. Mocking Taylor Swift (before she inevitably runs for president) 4. And making people laugh.

Lester Lee wants to create a world in which people can come to Deadseriousness for their daily news and hot takes that both inform and entertain. There is no reason why news needs to be boring and repetitive.

But he cannot do it alone nor does he want to.

The internet is full of writers who want their voices heard. So why not join Deadseriousness. A place where you can truly be yourself with no censorship. There aren’t a lineup of boring ass editors changing every word you write and removing your personality from your work.

So Write For Deadseriousness.

Are you a Sacramento Kings fan who just wants the opportunity to write your hot take article about how Mike Bibby was actually better than White Chocolate Jason Williams? Are you a Star Wars fan who wants the chance to get off an article about how much you actually loved Revenge of the Sith? Are you watching Below Deck, the best reality show on TV right now, and want a chance to get your thoughts off after every new episode?

Write For Deadseriousness.

Look around the internet. There is no website out there like Deadseriousness. Get in on the ground floor and help make this the biggest website on planet Earth.




If you are a clever writer with a solid sense of humor, a love of pop culture and a desire to share your unique brain with the world, email Deadseriousmailbag@gmail.com and pitch yourself. There is no better website on planet Earth than Deadseriousness.