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Wow, It’s Crazy How Thailand Isn’t a Country Anymore

The USA Women’s soccer team just walked off the bus into the center of Paris, France and put every other country on notice as they DOMINATED Thailand in a 13-0 destruction. The largest shutout in the history of the Women’s World Cup.

Rose Lavelle, Lindsay Horan, Sam Mewis, Julie Ertz, Megan Rapinoe, Mallory Pugh and the LEGEND, Carli Lloyd, all contributed to the annihilation of Thailand.

There isn’t even any analysis to be done here.

Team USA made the 34th ranked team in the world look like the local JV team of a school where the soccer coach is also just the lunch lady volunteering for an extra $100 and she’s never played soccer before oh, and neither have any of the girls on the team because the school is introducing the soccer program to that school for the first year and they don’t have enough girls willing to join the team so there aren’t any tryouts like, any girl whose parents are forcing them to join an after-school activity to look good for colleges they don’t have grades good enough to get into are walking onto this team.

Anyway, yea. Thailand sucks and they are no longer allowed to be considered a country. They can be a providence or something. Country status revoked though.

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