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Would You Swap Frank Ntilikina For Markelle Fultz Right Now?

After a year and a half of not understanding how Markelle Fultz went from the top high school prospect to the worst player in the NBA, we finally have a resolution. Apparently Markelle Fultz has been suffering from legitimate nerve damage in his shoulders that have restricted his ability to shoot.

This is good news for Fultz but bad news for Philadephia as Markelle has ever come out and said that he wants to move on from the Sixers and after this misdiagnoses, he absolutely should. The 76ers are trying to kill all of their rookies. No one should want to be drafted there.

If the 76ers are looking to trade away Markelle Fultz, I know a French guy in New York that has also been struggling this season.

Ntilkina had a promising rookie season but didn’t really light the world on fire. He came back in 2018 and has not improved at all. In fact, all of his shooting percentages have gotten worse.

So Frank Ntilikina for Markelle Fults, who says no?

For Philadelphia, they get a defensive stopper. Philly ranks 10th in defensive rating this season which is pretty low considering what Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler and Joel Embiid are capable of but after trading away Robert Covington, their best perimeter defender, the Sixers need another lockdown guard out there.

Speaking of which, Philly needs guards. I’ve been screaming this since last season and the 76ers just kept saying ‘we don’t need to sign a guard. We have the great Markelle Fultz’.

That worked out.

Yes, Frank is only shooting 25% from the 3-point line but I don’t live in a world where a teenager can’t get better at their job. I mean, I peaked when I was 14 but I’m giving Frank the benefit of the doubt here.

On the other side, the Knicks haven’t had a consistent solid franchise point guard since Stephon Marbury and that man ate vaseline.

If the Knicks are essentially using this year as an experimental season to see who will be apart of the team’s future, why not through a former number one draft pick in the mix.

Frank Ntilikina has back-to-back coach’s DNP. Dave Fizdale simply isn’t playing him anymore. He’s completely fallen out of the rotation. If Markelle can rehab his shoulder and return to the monster he was playing at Washington then what do you lose by trading Frank to get him?

Frank Ntilikina for Markelle Fultz. I just saved the NBA.



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