7 Reasons Why Wonder Woman is the Best Movie Ever

5. Twists

The newer X-Men movies aren’t that great but they do something that a lot of other super heroes movies don’t touch. The X-Men characters actually effect real life events in history. Michael Fassbender’s Magneto was arrested for accidentally murdering JFK. The existence of mutants changed the world.

In Wonder Woman, Ares the God of War, influenced the Great War.[3. Little did they know that there would be a sequel.] I thought that was a pretty cool way to bring these gods into man’s world. This movie made you believe that Danny Houston’s character was Ares but nope, just a regular ass pre-Nazi.

I’ll be honest, I was not expecting that dude from Harry Potter to be the main villain because he was not at all a physical threat to Diana but they ended up having their weird CGI fight. The twist was great. The fight after, not so much. Also, shoutout to Wonder Woman for beating the shit out of Danny Houston and murdering his brains out only to find out he was just a guy.


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