7 Reasons Why Wonder Woman is the Best Movie Ever

4. No Man’s Land

The best action sequence in this film is without a doubt the No Man’s Land scene. It’s safe to say that the third act of this movie was classic DC. It was dark and gloomy. There was fire everywhere with no apparent source and laws of physics are out the window. Like, I still don’t even understand where they were fighting Doomsday at the end of Batman V. Superman. Where in the world is there an island that’s just on fire?


Anyway, this No Man’s Land scene got my adrenaline pumping. That moment where she plants her roots and just takes machine gun fire so that Chris Pine and his rag tag team of ne’er do-wells can advance the line was unbelievable.

There were later scenes where Wonder Woman was gliding across the room that I didn’t really understand. I know she’s a god but does she have super speed? Does she not need to move her legs in order to run? Some of the later fights got iffy but that very first moment in No Man’s Land was a very “She Resists” scene and I felt like I could like, left a skyscraper out of the ground after watching it.


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