7 Reasons Why Wonder Woman is the Best Movie Ever

Wonder Woman is the best movie ever and no one can tell me otherwise. With a bajillion comic book movies created per second, this was the first movie starring a woman [1. Catwoman and Elektra never happened.] and she definitely beat up more people than Batman and Superman combined.

As a man dripping head to toe with testosterone, I find myself feeling like a strong independent woman after watching Wonder Woman. After watching this movie I wanted to grow my hair out and wear high heels and punch men in the face.



1. Themyscira

I’m obsessed with those Amazons on Paradise Island. I want/need to spend the rest of my life there. I’m not quite sure how to get there. Like, they didn’t make it clear whether it was on the map or if it’s hidden or in some other dimension but Chris Pine and those Germans got there no problem so maybe I’ll take a carnival cruise over there.


Shout out to my girl, Antiope, for being the hottest and most badass woman on planet Earth. Watching her triple arrow motherfuckers through the heart is a video clip that plays every time I close my eyes. A Robin Wright and Connie Neilsen threesome would be ideal.

Also, every DC movie is dark and grim. Even this movie gets dark and grim the exact moment they leave this island but every second on Themyscira was gorgeous. Find me in those hot tubs with Chris Pine chillin.


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