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Women Be Flopping

On Wednesday night, the New York Knicks got their doors blown off by the Memphis Grizzlies at home as the Grizzlies beat their ass 127-106. Standard procedure for the Knicks. Show up, lose by 20, hit the club, repeat.

The problem occurred when Jae Crowder didn’t respect those standard procedures and decided to be a little dickling.

With 48 seconds left on the clock. Jae stole a Knicks inbound pass, dribbled to the corner and attempted a 3-pointer which was the weirdest and one of the most annoying things you can do in a basketball game.

The Knicks had clearly waved the white flag.

Julius Randle rolled the ball out just ready to end the game and Jae came crashing in to steal it. Already a mega corny move but for him to steal the ball under the basket and quickly sprint to the corner to run the score up even more was worthy of a clothesline.

Enter Elfrid Payton.

I have no real opinion of Elfrid Payton.

He’s averaging 10.9 points and 6.5 assists in 26.6 minutes a night. He’s actually quite productive in a somewhat reduced role as he must share time with Frank Ntilikina and Dennis Smith so those two players can develop even though Payton is only 25 and he should probably just be given the keys to the team as it’s very clear that neither Frank nor DSJ are good at basketball.

But now I love the kid.

He was so angry about Crowder trying to show him up that he was moments away from putting Jae in a figure four leg lock. We are lucky that weapons weren’t drawn. Team Elfrid.

Fortunately, the violence ended with Payton shoving Crowder into the 12th row and there were no further punches thrown.

And also fortunately for Elfrid, Marcus Morris jumped off the top rope after the game to shit on an entire gender for absolutely no reason.

“He play the game in a different way. A lot of female tendencies on the court. Flopping and throwing his head back the entire game. It’s a man’s game and you just get tired of it. It’s soft. His game is soft. He’s soft. It’s how he carries himself. It’s just very woman-like.”

So before I shit on this neanderthal, as a Knicks fan I am required to defend him for a second. Clearly, Morris was attempting to question Jae Crowder’s masculinity. He did it in the worst way possible and instead of disrespecting Jae, he disrespected half of the human race by saying that being a woman is…bad?

As a WNBA fan this bothers the hell out of me to say that flopping is ‘woman-like’. Has Morris seen Chris Paul play basketball? Flopping is the most male sports attribute there is. I’ve never watched the Las Vegas Aces and witnessed Liz Cambage throw herself to the ground as Tina Charles was backing her down in the paint so she could get a whistle.

And it’s so strange for Morris to have these comments considering two nights earlier he was called for an offensive foul in the 4th quarter against the Charlotte Hornets after he kicked his leg out shooting a 3-pointer so the defender could run into him and he could get a foul call. Marcus Morris kicks his leg out for a call every time he shoots.

A lot of female tendencies on the court.

No one looks good in this. Jae Crowder is a loser for trying to run up the score. Although I fully defend his action, Elfrid Payton makes national news for murdering Jae which isn’t great for the ol’ reputation.

And Marcus Morris reminds the world that it doesn’t matter how progressive we feel the world has become, there are still plenty of cavemen who believe that the worst thing a man can be called is a ‘woman’.

While everyone is sharing their ‘#girldad’ photos on Twitter, Marcus Morris is out here like ‘WOMEN BE FLOPPIN, YO’.

Trade Marcus Morris, yesterday.




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