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Woman Turns Down Singing National Anthem At Minor League Baseball Game Because She Wasn’t Allowed To Bring Her Gun

Alishia Wolcott was HYPED to sign the National Anthem for the Reno Aces over the weekend but when she approached the stadium, she realized that they had installed metal detectors and for some reason, they weren’t letting any carry firearms into a baseball game. The pussification of American, amirite?

The wonderful Ms. Wolcott has a Glock 9 and a concealed weapons permit so naturally she wanted to walk into a crowded stadium with her handheld murder device but the Reno Aces were trying to take away her rights or whatever.

Here’s what Alishia Wolcott had to say about this whole ordeal:

“The primary reason I am a gun owner is because I live in a country where the basis of my liberty and freedom is a God-given right to protect myself from anyone and I desire to live in such a way that I protect this right all the time, anywhere I go. To put it simply, I want the option to be able to carry my gun. That is the beauty of this liberty, I get the choice whether or not I want to protect myself at any time or place.”


AWWWwwWWW Alishia didn’t have the ‘option’ to bring her fucking GLOCK into a baseball game. Boooohooooo. I have to just say this whenever I write about guns: NO ONE should own a gun. Guns are not ‘God-given’ rights. I think things would’ve gone real differently on Good Friday if Jesus pulled out the blicky on Judas.

The obsession that gun owners have with ‘exercising’ this right is so foolish. The 21st Amendment allowed the sale of alcohol but stadiums have alcohol sale restrictions. It’s no one’s God-given right to get drunk and no one’s God-given right to stay strapped.

There was a mass shooting in Las Vegas. We should be applauding the Reno Aces for being proactive and installing these metal detectors before we face another tragedy by someone exercising his God-given rights decides to walk into a crowd with a handheld homicide machine.

Also, I bet this chick has a shitty voice. You can tell this ‘All Lives Matter’ ‘Donald Trump is a good businessman’ ‘Well, maybe they wouldn’t get killed if they didn’t resist arrest’ ass loser has an awful voice. Thank gawd she didn’t sign the Anthem.





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