Woman Stabs Her Husband Then Continues To Stab Him While Driving Him To The Hospital

Look, how many times do you see in movies that someone thinks they’ve killed someone only for them to return at the end or in later sequels? It’s like the recipe to every summer blockbuster. Optimus Prime has died in every single Transformers movie and I cry every time but he always comes back.

Well 34-year old, Tracy Fleischer, wasn’t taking any chances.

[su_quote cite=”Central Maine” url=”http://www.centralmaine.com/2016/03/07/police-augusta-woman-continued-to-stab-husband-while-driving-him-to-the-hospital/”]Police say a city woman bought a large kitchen knife, stabbed her husband with it when he came home from work, and then stabbed him again as she drove him to the hospital Friday afternoon.[/su_quote]

Always finish what you start. Have to respect Tracy for that. I’ve read toooo many stories about a wife stabbing her husband only to have him revive as the wife is driving him to the hospital. Love the perseverance and the follow-through of the stabbing while driving.

Real recognize real.


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