Woman Gets Trapped In a Library Bathroom Over the Weekend

[su_quote cite=”KWXT” url=””]A woman was rescued Monday morning from the restroom at the West Waco library where she had been trapped there since Saturday evening.

Paramedics were sent at around 7 a.m. Monday to the library at 5301 Bosque Boulevard, after library employees found the woman inside the restroom.

Larry Holze, spokesman for the City of Waco, said the woman was at the library Saturday evening went to the restroom just before closing time.

She somehow got stuck inside on of the stalls and was unable to get out. She did not have a cellphone and was unable to call for help.[/su_quote]

First problem, why are you at the library? It’s the weekend. If you just hang out in the library on a Saturday afternoon than you deserve to get trapped there until Monday. The Spring Equinox just happened. The sun is shining again and you’re inside reading books and shit? Uck.

Second problem, you don’t carry your phone with you when you go to the bathroom? How do you sit on a toilet and not instantly pull up Words With Friends. You should be using bathroom time as prime time to start swiping on Tinder. Maybe if you met someone on Tinder they could come rescue you from that library.

Third and final problem, how does one get trapped inside of a bathroom stall. I’d understand if you were using the bathroom and the custodian locked the door at closing but how are you trapped in a stall? How you ever seen any action movie ever? Just kick the fucking door in like Steven Seagal and go home, you weirdo.



Sidenote: This is just like that Twilight Zone episode where the guy wants to spend eternity reading books but then his glasses break and he can’t see except instead of this woman’s glasses breaking she gets stuck in a stall because she probably couldn’t figure out the state of the art Waco library locks.


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