Woman Gets Shot After Blowing a Guy In Exchange For $5 and Pringles

A Florida woman was shot after performing a sexual act on the suspected gunman in exchange for $5 and Pringles chips, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office told WJAX.

Authorities say the woman agreed to the exchange just before 10:30 p.m. Monday at a Shell gas station.

After the act, the suspect demanded his money back, then shot her in the shoulder.

He ran away from the scene.

The woman is in the hospital recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.(Source)

Look, dating is hard. It’s a give and take. There’s compromise. But most importantly, there’s trust.

These two crazy kids just had a small misunderstanding and a firearm may or may not have been discharged. It happens. Let’s not jump to conclusions about who these people are.

First, $5 AND Pringles for fellatio is a steeeep price to pay. If those are your prices then you better come correct. No half-steppin. Not when Pringles are involved. Step your shit up.

Now, if this young man was unsatisfied with this lovely lady’s performance, I don’t think shooting her was the proper response. I can’t stress that enough. I’m a firm believer that if you pay for something off the clearance rack, you can’t bring it back for a return. You knew what you were purchasing, my guy. You saw that sweater had a hole in it.

Also, I can’t blame this girl for putting disappointing. If you promise me that if I complete a boring task then I get Pringles afterward then I’m going to just roll my eyes and get the task done with zero enthusiasm or interest. Just going through the motions until the Pringles were in her palms.

At the end of the day, dating is hard and these types of things happen. I hope everyone’s okay or whatever.




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