Woman Gets Cheated In A Drug Deal, Naturally Calls 9-1-1 For Help

Whether it’s Wendy’s only giving you 9 nuggets when you paid for 10, or whether you pay $75 for weed and the bag feels a little light, when you spend money on something, you expect to get the most for your money. Well, 35-year-old Erin Klich was deceived by her drug dealer and called the authorities.

Erin Klich, 35, said she was shorted when she tried purchasing $75 worth of marijuana, but when she didn’t get the weed, she decided to call 9-1-1 to complain.

When police arrived at a home on Lafayette Street, Klich was waiting outside still on the phone with dispatchers. Klich told officers the dealer inside took her money.

Police handcuffed Klich and put her in a patrol car for misuse of a 9-1-1 call.

This is the perfect showcase of why I consider police officers to be heroes. They arrived at this horrific scene so quickly that Klich was STILL on the phone talking to the dispatchers. They heard there was an emergency and busted their asses to thwart this injustice.

Also, it was a smart move putting Klich in the patrol car. Have to keep her out of harm’s way before you bust down her dealer’s front door and start smashing skulls. I assume there was a merciless shootout. I’m just glad that justice was protected and balance was restored in the universe.



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