Woman Forces Plane To Land After She Finds Out Her Husband Has Been Cheating on Her

A Qatar Airways aircraft was forced to divert after a passenger got into a fight with her husband after finding out he was cheating on her.

International media reported that the passenger, an Iranian woman, unlocked her sleeping husband’s mobile phone by putting his finger on its scanner. She then realised he was cheating on her.

The two got into a fight and flight crew could not pacify her.

Fearing that the situation could get out of hand, the pilot diverted the Boeing 777-300 to Chennai where the wife, her husband and their young son were disembarked.



Flying is the wooorst. You know what makes it even more difficult? When a couple is screaming and arguing so loud that they have to LAND THE PLANE to end their fight. Imagine thinking your personal life is so much more important than everyone else’s that you stop a vehicle that is traveling 600mph in the fucking sky so that you can sort out your drama.

I hate them.

Having said that, if you’re cheating on your wife, maybe don’t let that information leak out while you’re on an airplane with your spouse and ‘young son’. Hide. The. Evidence. Dear every guy on Earth, the second you change the way to unlock your phone to the finger scanner, you’re essentially saying ‘I’m hiding some shit. I am cheating but no worries. Just wait until I fall asleep and use my finger to unlock it’.

I should probably add the disclaimer that I don’t condone cheating and blah blah. We’re all just humans trying to survive on planet Earth. Don’t ruin people’s flight on Qatar Airways, which is already probably a brutal flight, because you got caught slipping. When it comes to cheating, you really have to hide those bodies. No shallow graves.

“Don’t cheat” -me, pretending.




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