Woman Arrested For Petting Her Cat On a Motorcyle

Sons of Anarchy is back for a new season and some of us can’t control our excitement. 50 year old Karen Dilworth decided to pop the garage door open, take a seat on her motorcycle and rub one out. It was a beautiful day and you know the old saying, ‘skies out, pies out’.


“The 50-year-old Dilworth, who denied she committed a sex act on a motorcycle, told Ormond Beach police that she was in her garage smoking and drinking beers, the report shows.”


“The boy and his mother were arriving at their residence on Pine Cone Trail when they spotted Dilworth — the front of her half-nude body on the bike was facing the street — in her garage, the report shows. The shocked mother called out to her other neighbor and that neighbor in turn yelled out to Dilworth, the report shows.”


Where do you handle your self-admiration? I’m with Dilworth here. I need to be sitting on a chopper or I won’t be able to finish. The poor girl was fixing her antenna in the privacy of her own garage and of course got hot and needed a little air so she opened the garage door. Is it her fault that a 13 year old boy can’t handle watching a woman play her womb like a Casio keyboard? I blame our public schools for not properly preparing him the lad. Time to grow up son.



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