Wolverine 3 Villain Has Been Revealed

[su_quote cite=”Movie Web” url=””]A new report from Nerdist claims to have confirmation from “a source close to the production” as to who the villains will be. It looks like Wolverine will once again be fighting big, bad robots in the form of Reavers.[/su_quote]

Sometimes it’s best to just wait for the movie trailer to come out and avoid all rumors and speculation. This is one of those times as it has been revealed that Wolverine will be battling a villain that I’ve never even heard of. Neato.

We know that this film will be set in the future and will be the final Hugh Jackman vehicle in the X-Men movie franchise. Borrowing elements from the comic book story ‘Old Man Logan’, I think it was safe to say that no one saw Reavers being the main villain.

The Wolverine movies already kind of suck soo I’m not expecting much. Let’s see how this shit ends up playing out before I rule it out completely.

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