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Will The Return of Olivier Vernon Save The New York Giants Season?

Olivier Vernon returns to the Giants to help explode Carson Wentz’s knee permanently and embarrass all of the Philadelphia Eagles offensive linemen just in time in the biggest game of the Giants season.

New York is 1-4 and somehow the NFC is so trash that if they beat the Eagles, they’re pretty much the kings of the division. The Giants are tied for dead last in the NFL in team sacks so bringing back their best pass rusher could change their defense entirely.

Last season, Vernon recorded 6.5 sacks in 12 games. His career high is 11.5 in 2013 while playing in Miami and it’s safe to say that he’s been a bit of a disappointment since signing a big contract in New York  but the Giants only have 6 sacks this season thus far. Even if he only gets 1 sack this year, he’d still be the best pass rusher on the team.

Will the return of Olivier Vernon save the Giants season?

Is Vernon playing quarterback? No? So then no, he cannot save the season. If anything, the return of Vernon might ruin the Giants chances of finding Eli’s replacement.

If Olivier comes in and starts murdering opposing QBs like I predict he will, then all of a sudden the Giants finish like, 7-9 and they lose out on all the top quarterbacks in next year’s draft. The Giants will end up with next year’s version of Josh Allen.

But with the way the division is looking, 7-9 could easily be a decent enough record to make the playoffs. So I guess Olivier Vernon would technically save THIS season and destroy next year’s.

Short term highs and ignoring the future >>>>>




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