Will Smith is Getting His Own John Wick-Esque Movie Franchise And I’m HYPED

Will Smith’s Gemini Man has hired John Wick 2 stunt coordinator J.J. Perry. Ang Lee will direct the long-gestating sci-fi action movie from Paramount Pictures. Clive Owen reportedly will join Smith in the cast together with Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Gemini Man stars Smith as an aging hitman marked for death who must square off against his own 25-years-younger clone. Literally, Smith’s character must battle his own legacy – something Smith the actor has found himself doing a lot in recent years.



Can I preorder tickets for this movie yet? No? It hasn’t filmed a single shot yet? Oh, oh okay. I’ll just continue refreshing the Youtube homepage until I see a trailer for Gemini Man which now has the stunt coordinator for John Wick.

Will Smith vs. Will Smith sounds like a movie I pitched while sleepwalking after a long night of drinking. I may or may not have written this script. Who’s to say for sure. I blacked out, after all.

Will Smith needs this. Remember when he was cool? Yea, neither do I. All I remember is seeing After Earth in theatres where he showed zero emotions and made me sit through 2 hours of Scientology propaganda and Jaden Smith acting in front of a green screen.

Taken changed my life. John Wick changed my life again. Atomic Blonde changed my life even more. Gemini Man might finally advance me to my final form. I really hope The Fresh Prince is in the studio right now working on the soundtrack Wild Wild West style.

I’ll see you all opening night. I’ll be the guy in the back texting with the keyboard volume turned up and chewing popcorn extremely loud during the quiet parts of the movie.




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