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Will Smith Has a Weird (Bad) New EDM Track With DJ Jazzy Jeff

Sooo, this is a thing that exists now. Will Smith is BACK and he’s got a new Miami club scene banger with the homie, Jazzy Jeff. Will Smith’s music was all about getting Jiggy Wit It and having fun so I suppose it’s cool that he’s staying in his lane. I just wish he got off at the ‘hip hop’ exit and didn’t ride his lane to electronic dance music.

‘Get Lit’ is the name of a song made by a 48-year old man who is trying to make music for 18-year old men but unbeknownst to him, ended up making a song for other 48-year old men. Ya know, like DJ Jazzy Jeff. I bet Jeff loves this track. I bet he just loves anytime Will answers his ‘u up?’ texts.

Having said all of that, I 1000% wish I was there to see Will Smith perform. It’s been a long Willenium without any new hits so you gotta take what you can get. Get Lit everyone, Get Lit.


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