Will LiAngelo Ball Even Get Drafted?

LiAngelo Ball has declared for the 2018 NBA draft, his agent, Harrison Gaines, told Yahoo Sports.

Ball, 19, has formally submitted early-entry paperwork to enter the June draft. Ball has played professionally with Lithuanian team Vytautas Prienu since parting with UCLA in December after a shoplifting scandal in China. LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball — the younger brothers of Los Angeles Lakers starting point guard Lonzo Ball — joined Vytautas in January on one-year contracts.



So we all saw this move coming. LaVar Ball didn’t move his family from Chino Hills to the Baltic Sea to remain there for the next decade. He signed a 1-year deal with a Lithuanian basketball team in order to raise his draft stock after he was kicked off the UCLA basketball team for stealing Gucci sunglasses in a country where you’re not even allowed to use Google.

Now it’s time for the Ball family to cash in their chips and head back to the states. LaVar wants all of his sons playing for the Los Angeles Lakers and now the ball is in the Lakers court. I think there was a pun in there somewhere which is impossible to avoid when discussing this family and basketball in the same sentence. Genius marketing on LaVar’s part. Wouldn’t be shocked to find out that he changed his last name to ‘Ball’ from like ‘Robinson’.

Let’s look at how great LiAngelo was playing for Vytautas Prienu in a league that is ranked the 11th best non-NBA league in the world: 9 games (only 4 starts), 25.1 minutes per game, 15.6 points per game, 2.8 rebounds, 0.7 assists, 44% field goal percentage and 69% free throw percentage.


LiAngelo wouldn’t even be the best basketball player at the local YMCA gym. He’s not a great scorer and can’t create his own shot so you’d think he’d take pride in rebounding or passing but nope. He stinks at literally every aspect of the game.

Jimmer Fredette was one of the best shooters we’ve ever seen and he couldn’t make an NBA roster. The New York Knicks haven’t had a point guard in a decade and Jimmer couldn’t even get on the floor. He couldn’t get minutes away from Jose Calderon.

I say all of this to say that Jimmer is lightyears better than LiAngelo and he is forced to play in China because he isn’t good enough for the NBA.

So Will LiAngelo Ball even get drafted?

No, not if 30 NBA GMs want to keep their jobs he won’t. Perhaps the Lakers might invite him to the Summer League out of a favor to Lonzo but look at Luol Deng. The man cannot find his way onto the Los Angeles Lakers court this season. Luol Deng is a better basketball player than LiAngelo Ball. Do you get the picture I am painting here?

LiAngelo suuuuuucks.




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