Will Deadpool 2 Be Awful

Sooo Deadpool 2 recently lost it’s director and  things aren’t looking great. Tim Miller left the project due to ‘creative differences’ with star and producer, Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds wants to continue with the low budget and super sarcastic vibe of the original movie while Tim Miller wants to work with a big budget and make a more stylistic and visually impressive film.

Sooo will Deadpool 2 be awful? Trick question: probably. Here’s the biggest problem facing Deadpool, it’s Fox Studios. Whether Tim Miller was sticking around or not, Fox has a track record of making shitty superhero movies. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like that last Fantastic Four movie didn’t happen. X-Men Apocalypse was um, not good. The fact that the first Deadpool movie was anything but trash was rare.

Now we have to look at a sequel. Sequels are NEVER good. Outside of the Captain America Trilogy, superhero sequels are never good. That goes double for Fox. Remember Fantastic Four 2? Galactus was a space cloud or some shit. Doctor Doom was the Silver Surfer for maybe 15 minutes. Oh, also Reed Richards knows everything about planets in other galaxies and shit. Like, out of nowhere they just decided that space travel wasn’t the norm.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who is directly this movie or what the budget will be. This movie will be awful because it’s a sequel and it’s Fox studios.


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