Why You Need To Listen To Crumb’s Jinx

Crumb has taken the indie psychedelic sounds of Tame Impala and matched it with jazz influences like King Krule and packaged it in a dreamy bedroom pop layer like Clairo to create one of the most unique sounds in music today.

Guitarist, songwriter and lead singer, Lila Ramani, appears to be channeling a ghost who hates life as Jinx sounds like hypnotic haunting anxiety which happens to be my mood 24/7.

Crumb’s debut album, Jinx, is the perfect soundtrack for the mundane. It’s the realization that Monday is the same as Tuesday is the same as Wednesday is the same as Thursday is the same as Friday.

Track 1, Cracking, consists of only four lines of words but it perfectly sets the stage for the depressing ride you’re about to go on.

On ‘It Never Ends’ the song that perfectly encapsulates the vibe of being stuck in the same shit with no light at the end of the tunnel.

The city is dense and it makes me tense
And it makes me tense, and it makes me tense
And it never ends, and it never ends

Why do you need to listen to Crumb’s Jinx?

Jinx doesn’t provide answers for breaking out of your rut but it’s the perfect soundtrack to your disillusionment.

On ‘Part III’—the best song on the album—after a key change halfway through the song, Lila Ramani immediately gets your attention with the thoughts of a woman who is not only aware that she’s reached a dead end but her inability to escape from it.

I waste my time in the morning and evening
Caught in a feeling
I lost my mind looking up at the ceiling

This album is just cool. Feed me all of the depression music you have. There are so many ever-changing variables that can effect our moods negatively but Crumb hits the fucking target when it comes to the recognition that sometimes it’s none of those factors that depress us and it’s simply the process of getting up and going about our day only to do the same exact shit the next day mindlessly all while jamming out on a keyboard that isn’t annoying which is an impressive skill on it’s own. Someone please tell Mac DeMarco to please put the fucking keyboard down for like, ONE song.

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