Why Should You Read Deadseriousness?

Here comes some self-promotion and ego stroking so bare with me. As Deadseriousness grows, I find myself answering this question for people every single day so I thought I’d just take the time to answer it for everyone out there who stumbles upon the smallest popular website on the internet.


Why should you read Deadseriousness?


Deadseriousness is your home for commentary and opinions on what’s buzzing in pop culture, news and sports. If a big story breaks, head to CNN, Huffington Post and where else it is that people get news from.

But once you’re done reading some geek journalist, come over to this website for the real breakdown and analysis.

It’s like Fox News over here except I have no political agenda and Rupert Murdoch hasn’t gotten his puppet strings on me yet. It’s like every show on ESPN that isn’t Sportscenter except I’m not controlled by Disney. It’s like TMZ except I’m not waiting in a parking garage outside of Kanye West’s car just begging him to say wild shit on camera.

But what separates this site from the others? Again, why should you read Deadseriousness?

Here’s what every other site is completely lacking, King Lester.

Most people who start their own business might title themselves as ‘CEO’ or ‘President’ but not I. I was born King of Deadseriousness. Born this way. I’m the rightful monarch of this website. No other website has me.

There is so much brilliance oozing out of this cranium, I’m just lucky this canvas is able to catch some of the spillage.

At the end of the day, I just want to create a space for people to come and get both information and entertainment. This site is here to keep you up to date with current events as well as make you chuckle.

Do you enjoy being informed? Do you enjoy smiling?

That’s why you should read Deadseriousness.


But I need your help.


Deadseriousness cannot continue without you. We are approaching a crossroads. If Deadseriousness doesn’t grow, it’ll shrink. One or the other.


If you truly are a fan of the site, prove it. I’m over passive fans. That was great for a year or two and it’s silently helped me but I’m done with that. It’s time to support the cause.

Like Deadseriousness on Facebook if you haven’t already. But that’s just the start. Like new posts. Share them. Comment, positively or negatively, it doesn’t matter. If you click on a Deadseriousness link, I want to know it.

Follow Deadseriousness on Twitter. Retweet and favorite like you give a shit.

Finally and most importantly. If you keep a low internet profile I understand. I’m certainly not letting you off the hook but I need passionate fans. Take that silent bullshit down the road.

Text a friend right now and tell them about Deadseriousness. Tell your coworkers at the water cooler about a story you read this morning. I can’t spread this alone. It’s up to you.

Help me, help you.

Thanks for reading. Tweet to @TheLesterLee if you want to support Deadseriousness.


Written by TheLesterLee

Created Deadseriousness after being fired from every job I've ever had. One faithful night I drew the conclusion that if I was going to be unemployed, I might as well write articles that will guarantee I am un-hireable going forward. This website is the equivalent to a face tattoo.

E-mail to talk directly about all Deadseriousness related stuff or if you just want to talk about like, the Yankees or Marvel comics or whatever.

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