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Why is Kevin Durant Like This?

“If I was leaving the Warriors, it was always going to be for the Nets. They got the pieces and a creative front office. I just like what they were building.”(Source)

We will never get an end to the story of Kevin Durant’s free agency decision to sign with the Brooklyn Nets. The year is 2050, Donald Trump is starting his 8 consecutive term after winning another fake election, and reporters are still asking KD why he wanted to play for the Nets.

There is no issue here with Durant answering the questions he’s asked. Too frequently professional athletes are boring as hell and just read off generic neutral talking points. Actually answering questions directly is rare these days so good for Durant.

Oh, except for the fact that nothing he says is true and he’s a weirdo. We can all rewrite history and pretend that Durant alwayssss knew he was coming to the Nets. But that’s bullshit.

Whether you believe the Knicks had a realistic shot or not, let’s not be naive and say the Knicks were dumb to think Durant was coming.

They didn’t trade Kristaps Porzingis for no reason. James Dolan never gives interviews and he was fairly confident KD was on the way. Everyone in the media basically sat Knicks fans down and told us to preorder Durant jerseys.

We are all fully aware of tampering yet suddenlyyy the Knicks are the one team that didn’t tamper? We are to believe that they had zero conversations with Durant and his agent? Really?

Two things are possible with this whole Durant/Knicks situation:

  1. He is lying and 1000% contemplated signing with the Knicks along with his ‘friend’ Kyrie Irving but because his achilles exploded, Kyrie Irving had to make an executive decision on where he wanted to play knowing that Durant would be out for the season and he chose Brooklyn. Durant limped there behind him.
  2. Kevin Durant and his team understand how speculative the NBA media landscape is as the entire season is spent by guys like Chris Broussard and Brian Windhorst just wildly guessing where they think players will sign so Durant intentionally misled people into thinking he would for sure be signing with the Knicks so yea again, he lied.

Why is Kevin Durant like this? This 30-year old little baby child. He deadass got mad that people found out where he was going so he changed his mind to spite everyone and now he wants to present it like it was Brooklyn all along.

Enough of this. I’m ready to move on. RJ Barrett, babyyyy. Elfrid Payton SZN.

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