Why Don’t The Minnesota Timberwolves Let Karl-Anthony Towns Take Any Shots?

Let me start by saying that Karl-Anthony Towns is the best player on the Minnesota Timberwolves and it probably isn’t that close. Jimmy Butler is an All-Star and might be the face of the team but talent wise, Towns has every tool and he excels at almost every aspect of the game (offensively).

The T-Wolves lost their Game 1 matchup against the Houston Rockets and in that loss, Towns went 3-for-9 which is a rare poor shooting performance from the 55% regular season shooter. He played 40 minutes, which was the most by anyone on the team, yet he had the fewest shot attempts.

Here’s what head coach, Tom Thibodeau said about Towns’ few shot attempts:

“He’s got to be more active”.

Ah, yes, problem solved. Towns isn’t ‘active’ enough. That’s it. There were moments in this game when Towns was posting up much smaller guards like Eric Gordon and Chris Paul but Derrick Rose chose to drive into three defenders and throw it off the backboard. But yea, Towns needs to be more active.

This is insane. It’s 2018 and Derrick Rose has the most usage on this team. Rose might be the worst passing point guard of all time. Mainly because he NEVER passes and when he does it either ends up in the defender’s hand or in the front row. He has zero control out there.

Towns should be more active.

The huge problem with the Timberwolves offense is that their 7-foot tall center is their only serious shooting threat. The team has no spacing because Jimmy Butler, Jeff Teague and Andrew Wiggins are league average 3-point shooters. Towns is the only player that can threaten a defense behind the perimeter and by causing that spacing, he opens the floor up for Wiggins and Butler to drive to the basket and ya know, not pass him the ball.

He is a human decoy out there. When he posts up in the paint, the entire defense can sink in and clog everything up because they’re not worried about Derrick Rose out on the perimeter staring at his own shoelaces so Towns’ numbers must suffer due to Thidobeau putting together this nonsense roster.

Be yes, Karl Anthony Towns needs to be more active.






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