Why Does Everyone Love Shitting on Blake Bortles?

“Everyone hears everything,” said Nathaniel Hackett, the Jaguars’ offensive coordinator. “So there are times when you’re in the stadium and you’re hearing the things people yell. You look on [the internet] and see what people are saying, and I’m going, ‘Wow, I hope this doesn’t bother him.’ I’m asking myself, ‘Should I talk to him? Should I worry about this?’ But what’s amazing is it never bothered him. Ever.”

“It fucking pisses me off. I get so angry about it,” said center Brandon Linder, one of Bortles’s good friends on the team. “But he doesn’t listen to all the bullshit, he’s great about it. … If the joke is in his face he’ll laugh about it, but then lets everything go.”



Blake Bortles is the only quarterback in the league where players, writers AND fans all directly talk shit to his face on a regular basis. Imagine going to work tomorrow and everyone you interact with calls you ‘trash’. You’d literally have no choice but to leave that job. If you’re a barista and anytime someone orders a coffee they say ‘don’t fuck it up like you usually do, you bum’, you’d have no choice but to head back to Indeed and apply to a new job.

Can’t imagine what it’s like to turn on the television and hear people who are objective and have no real interest in whether or not the Jacksonville Jaguars are successful say ‘you are trash’. Now before I go any further, I don’t want to make it seem like Blake Bortles isn’t a garbage can. He is, in fact, trash.

But why does everyone love shitting on Blake Bortles?

If you look at the stats, Bortles threw 13 interceptions but Marcus Mariota and Deshone Kizer both threw more interceptions and had more turnovers than touchdowns. But for them, you can say that they’re still young and they can improve.

Ben Roethlisberger threw 14 interceptions and Cam Newton threw 16. For Ben, people say it’s because he’s old and considering retirement and with Cam, people don’t like how he behaves off the field but he’s also a former MVP and no one ever considers him ‘trash’.

Deshaun Watson threw 19 touchdowns in just 7 games this season. Joe Flacco played all 16 games. He only threw 18 touchdowns and ESPN really had the audacity to question if that man was ‘ELITE’.

Why aren’t fans and players so comfortable calling Andy Dalton a bitch to his face but when Bortles comes to town they have no hesitation telling reports that he’s going to choke. Perhaps it’s because Bortles doesn’t react. He doesn’t defend himself. Perhaps it’s because he really is trash and if you don’t tell him how bad he is, how else will he know?

I cannot wait until the Buffalo Bills ride into Jacksonville and embarrass Bortles so we can enjoy the 24-hour news cycle of everyone doubling down on shitting on Blake. Nathan Peterman might come in for the Bills and throw 4 interceptions in 90 seconds. That will be a better performance than whatever Bortles does.

Blake Bortles = Trash.


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