Why Do People Defend Billionaires Like Jeff Bezos?

It is being reported that Jeff Bezos is on pace to become the first trillionaire in the history of history which naturally comes with criticisms considering he is capitalizing the most out of a global pandemic that is forcing everyone to stay at home and order things online via Amazon.

But with that criticism comes a fleet of contrary capitalism Avengers that love nothing more than defending Jeff Bezos’s disgusting wealth as if Bezos will see that random guy with 27 Twitter Followers had his back and CashApp him a few million.

No one should have a billion dollars. Look at me. No one should have a billion dollars.

If you earned $43,000 a year then you are on pace to make a billion dollars in a short 23,000 years. Also assuming you don’t spend any of your money on rent, bills, feeding yourself. 23,000 years.

There is this odd narrative that people become billionaires because they ‘worked hard’. And it’s always weird to hear because it’s often coming from people who truly work the hardest.

Is Jeff Bezos working harder than anyone you know in your life? He answers emails for a living at this point. There are people working two full-time jobs to pay bills. 12-hour shifts of manual labor. And most importantly, the people who work in his windowless warehouses 40+ hours a week while he cheats on his wife.

Jeff Bezos didn’t become a billionaire from working hard. He becomes one by exploiting his workforce and crippling any and all competitors. There is nothing admirable or aspirational about Bezos. His bank account didn’t inflate because he was like, super good at his 9 to 5 or built something new and brilliant. Ebay and other online retailers already existed before Amazon.

He’s just a piece of shit that lets people die working in his warehouses which is probably a good thing for Amazon because that means he gets to replace that employee with someone new who makes less and has no other job options so they have to replace the guy who just died and has to do it with a smile on their face.

Yet people still rush to defend billionaires because this is America or whatever. Wow, what a beautiful country that’s moments away from a new Great Depression that literally one man could single-handedly save us from if he just paid a fair amount of taxes but nope.

And that’s where the other billionaire defenders jump in. “Don’t blame Jeff Bezos, blame the government for giving him tax breaks’. Ah yes, billionaires all live on a super island where the president helicopters in once a year to surprise them all with another year of tax breaks that they don’t expect.

OR, the billionaires own the politicians and have all the power. Policies that favor the rich are influenced by the rich. I shouldn’t be writing this. This should be common sense but here we are. I’m going to post this article and someone is going to defend billionaires in the comments like they’re one raise at work away from joining their elite class.

There’s also a belief that it doesn’t matter that there’s no way to spend a billion dollars in one lifetime. That money is passed down in your family for generations. We all know that the only humans more mentally stable than billionaire sociopaths are their totally rational and normal special needs children.

Look at the president. Just a totally cool guy who isn’t absolutely obsessed with himself and can’t take no for an answer and turns everything into a personal slight and a competition who just files for bankruptcy as frequently as we go grocery shopping because money isn’t real to him.

So why do people defend billionaires?

At the end of the day, Americans have been tricked into believing that ‘anything is possible’ and that the existence of billionaires is a reminder of their freedom and some achievable goal to strive for but that false belief is just fuel to feed the billionaires more money. Sure, bro. Keep ‘grinding’ or whatever. You busting your ass and ‘grinding’ is making the rich richer while you spend your life bowing down to them.

Jeff Bezos could personally fund universal health care in this country and STILL have billions of dollars which just goes to show that the country’s financial problem isn’t government services like Medicaid and Social Security.

The problem is that 1% of the population is hoarding all the money and the rest of us are forced to scratch and claw for the scraps as the government continually passes legislation that gives the 1% even MORE unearned wealth. Then they blame the poor people for taking advantage of welfare when it is truly the rich who rely on government assistance the most.

I don’t think we should eat the rich but we should certainly stop acting as if they’ve obtained their unobtainable wealth via hard work and determination and we’ll be there next if we just try a little harder.

Oh, and eat the rich.


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