Why Do Grown Men Like Chris D’Elia Want To Have Sex With Underage Girls So Badly?

This week, women have lined up to post text exchanges between themselves as teenage girls and stand up comedian and grown ass adult, Chris D’Elia. There are so many receipts that I honestly didn’t feel like writing this article simply because I don’t have the time to track it all down. But then I remembered my pretty consistent ‘fuck pedophiles’ stance and decided to dig in.

*heavy sigh* let’s do this, I guess.

Okay I need a break from this. Jesus, Chris.

Chris D’Elia would go on tour and SCOUT teenage girls in the cities he would travel to and beg them to sleep with him.

There is nothing this adult loved more than pressuring children into his bed dating all the way back to a decade ago. It’s insane to me that when I was a teenager I was competing for girls with this 30-year comedian. And the strangest part is that we both had the same awful text game just like, simping for smooches.

Why do we see men with power and influence attempt to bang little girls that don’t know any better time and time again? When I was 16 I didn’t even like 16 year old girls yet somehow guys like Chris D’Elia and Donald Trump cannot keep their hands off minors.

I cannot wrap my head around physically desiring a teenager.

There is nothing ‘attractive’ about a girl who is still actively going through puberty. Sexualizing girls who just started using deodorant is worthy of being on some FBI watch list. I’m very much against government surveillance but you guys were watching Chris D’Elia send smiley faces and ‘hehe’s’ to teenage girls and didn’t think to flag him at airports?

Also worth pointing out that all these women that stepped up and released text exchanges from their childhoodand his adulthoodshould not be judged for engaging with a borderline famous man that was giving them attention and making them feel special in a way that high school boys most likely weren’t which is kind of the point I’m trying to make with this article.

Chris D’Elia and all of these men that prey on young girls are less attracted to flat chested little girls and more attracted to the overwhelming leverage they have in these relationships. It’s far easier for D’Elia to get a 17 year old into his hotel than it is a woman his age because a woman his age has a longer history with men and their motives, desires, abuses and manipulations.

Grooming is molding young women before they realize how unorthodox, inappropriate and shitty you truly are.

It’s tough being in the same sentence as Jeffrey Epstein considering he created a Herbalife-style pyramid statutory rape scheme and Chris just sent wink faces to local teens in your area but Epstein was a manipulator and a scammer. Also a rapist. But a scammer. Tricking little girls was probably so fun for that evil dead monster.

But most importantly, everyone wants to feel special during our meaningless existence on Earth and we all go about feeling special in our own ways. Men like Chris D’Elia feel special having power and experience over young women that have yet to be hardened by years of disappointment from dating men like Chris D’Elia.

If you ever see a high school girl and think she’s ‘hot’, what you’re actually saying is that you think she’s attractive because she seems ‘innocent’ and happy and like it would be easier for you to have your way with her compared to a woman your age with standards and expectations and relationship histories and like, rent payments.

Also important to point out that these girls just said that Chris slid into their DMs. So. Many. Girls. Let’s not think that they all blew him off. If he was constantly getting rejected then he would most likely stop. No, we’re about to find out that some of these teenagers met up with him so get ready to find out that this creep raped teenage girls. Yike.

I shall leave you with this:

Fuck Chris D’Elia.




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