Why Didn’t Wonder Woman Stop Hitler?

The DC Extended Universe is a collection of some of the worst action movies of all time. Gray smokey nothings with horrible CGI and zero interesting characters. DC movies are written for teenagers who love video game cut screens and think reading books makes you ‘gay’.

Wonder Woman was a bright spot for the DCEU as it was the first time I actually gave any shits about one of their protagonists. Good job DC. You did the bare minimum. 

But in their development of this universe, they decided to be cute and declare that Wonder Woman helped the Allies beat the Axis power in World World I and then went into hiding only to be discovered by Ben Affleck a century later. 

Well, until a few weeks ago when Wonder Woman 1984 came out and homegirl was fist fighting in the fucking White House in broad daylight in front of the president so she wasn’t hiding at all. 

So if she had no problem stepping out to fight Latino Trump in 1984 and Doomsday in 2016 then we have to ask ourselves: why didn’t Diana stop Hitler?

Now, I understand why Wonder Woman 1984 was set during that time period. It was an homage to the colorful Lynda Carter TV series in the 80’s. Shout out to Lynda Carter. If you’re reading this, my DMs could not be more open for you.

The 80s were definitely a time of economic greed thanks to Regan-era policies that allowed oil tycoons to run wild. Gordon Gekko hit us with that ‘Greed is good‘ bullshit in Wallstreet. The 80’s promotion of the wealth inequality gap led way to the 90s tech boom that gave us that world we live in today. Cool.

So explain what Diana was doing between World War I and 1984. Steve Trevor died and she was sad or whatever so we know she didn’t date. Who cares. She was in England at the end of the first World War which means she was still in the middle of Europe when Hitler rose to power.

Wonder Woman was so heartbroken about Chris Pine’s death that she allowed two cities in Japan to be eviscerated and generations to be destroyed from nuclear fallout? And if she’s running around DC stopping jaywalkers and street harassers then why didn’t this chick poke her head out when cops were spraying black people with firehoses and releasing dogs to attack them in the 60s?

It appears as though Wonder Woman only comes out of hiding to stop a Latino man from achieving his dreams and to murder a nerdy coworker who was starting to become confident and challenged Diana’s place as hottest girl in the office. Hm. Interesting.

She was far more focused on going to the Middle East and fighting Arabians who were minding their damn business than she seemed to care about, ya know, genocide. All because a boy she liked died in a war. Even though she was born and raised in a civilization that was entirely built around preparing for wars. And she sat out World War II.

Personally, if I was an all-powerful goddess that could ride lightning bolts, I would’ve stopped Hitler but whatever. I’m built different.




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