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Why Didn’t Clint Frazier Make The New York Yankees 25-Man Roster?

So it appears as though Clint Frazier, the man who said he was coming to take Brett Gardner’s job, will be playing in AAA again to start the season as his miserable spring training finally comes to an end.

Frazier hit .130 with 0 homers and 15 strikeouts in 46 at-bats. Some would argue that those are bad numbers. I’d have to agree.

For the last couple of seasons, the Yankees have tried to throw Frazier into trade offers for starting pitching help and as you can see, Frazier is still on the Yankees because either he was injured at the time and couldn’t be used in a trade or because teams have scouted him and don’t think he’s good.

I too, do not think he’s good.

I’m in no way rooting against this young man. I mean, his Twitter is corny as hell and I’d prefer if he was wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey while Gerrit Cole was in pinstripes but I’ll deal with these complicated feelings over time.

Clint Frazier struggled in spring training. But with Aaron Hicks ‘randomly’ getting a back injury the second he wrote his signature on a $70 million contract and Jacoby Ellsbury is throwing himself down the stairs to get more sick days from work, you’d think that Frazier would be a lock for the final Major League roster.

So why didn’t Clint Frazier make the 25-man roster?

Remember when Brian Cashman praised Frazier for his ‘legendary’ bat speed? BIG ‘lol nvm’ on that one. With only 68 games under his belt in 2018, Frazier needs to make up for lost time and get back in the habit of hitting. Make more sense to have him figure out opposing pitching in AAA. The Scranton Wilkes-Barre Railriders don’t have to keep up with the Boston Red Sox so there’s more room for mistakes.

Plus, with Giancarlo Stanton being a 4th infield option and Tyler Wade’s ability to play pretty much any position, Frazier being an average outfielder and below average hitter makes him the odd man out, unfortunately. Especially considering that both Greg Bird and Luke Voit were hitting as if they like were Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire chasing the home run record.

Farewell, Clint Frazier: the best there never was.





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