Why Didn’t Cersei Murder Everyone?

Cersei Lannister: Known honorable lady.

It has now become easier to point out flaws in this season of Game of Thrones than it is to point out great moments thus far. For every Lyanna Mormont slaying a giant there are a bajillion Starbucks coffee cup style misfires.

Characters are suddenly making wild decisions and that was most clear in this past Sunday’s episode when Daenerys and Cersei met face to face for a pre-war WWF style Wrestlemania promo.

Let’s discuss the decision making from both camps here.

Daenerys lost half of her army against The White Walkers and was just blindsided by the Euron’s Iron Fleet, even though the scene before they all clearly prepared for Euron yet for some reason, a couple of hours later they were shocked to see them.

Rhaegal was sniped out of the sky with the most precise arrows in the history of arrows. Which is extremely noticeable when 60 seconds later, Daenerys rode Drogon directly into those exact arrows and they all missed or like, hit his feet and shit.

So she then marched up to the front door of King’s Landing with about, 28 Unsullied by her side and limping dragon DEMANDING that Cersei surrender. Daenerys, the weakest she’s been since Season 2, demanded that Cersei Lannister, who has employed the Golden Company and just found out that she can murder dragons at will, to bend the knee to her.


But what’s even more puzzling than the show reverting Daenerys into a naive teenager, is the random honor of Cersei Lannister to allow her biggest threat to show up at her weakest and go home safely to gather reinforcements.

Cersei had the high ground and all of the arrows ready to reign down on Team Daenerys and instead chose to decapitate Missandei to ‘send a message’.

Look at this shit. If you Google the word ‘leverage’, this photograph is the first thing that comes up in Google Images. Those scorpions that Qyburn created put bullets into a dragon. I get the feeling they would have a similar effect on Greyworms.

Drogon was sitting on the ground for this face-to-face with Cersei. Rhaegal was murdered flying full speed in the sky from a boat. Cersei chose not to hit the stationary dragon from a stationary scorpion from an even closer range. Ok.

So why didn’t Cersei murder everyone?

Cersei Lannister blew up the Sept. She unleashed wildfire to destroy a fraction of her own city simply because she held a grudge against the church and the Tyrells. A grudge. She didn’t like them and blew up thousands of people out of spite.

Daenerys is coming to take her crown and Cersei let Dany walk up to her front door and then walk out. No wildfire in sight. K.

Do not tell me that these two women refuse to light each other on fire because they are trying to win the court of public opinion. No.

After 8 years of Cersei doing whatever the hell she wants, SUDDENLY she’s worried about the people of King’s Landing thinking that she’s protecting them against the ‘evil’ Daenerys Targaryen?

Daenerys has lost everything that she spent 8 years to build and she refuses to burn the city down because she doesn’t want to be disliked by the same people whose sole entertainment appears to be throwing trash at people during Shame Walks through the town square.

Nothing makes sense anymore. These characters are doing things totally out of character so the show can rush to a conclusion. The showrunners clearly want Jon Snow on the throne and everything else that’s happening is a big ass shrug to them.

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