Why Did The Green Bay Packers Hire Matt LaFleur As The New Head Coach?

The Green Bay Packers have found their replacement for Mike McCarthy, apparently, as they have hired the Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator, Matt LaFleur, to come whisper sweet nothings in Aaron Rodgers’s ear and give him back rubs when he’s feeling cranky.

This is a really interesting hire considering that this season, the Titans were 25th in yards and 27th in points. Now, you can say that his personnel was limiting as Marcus Mariota was in and out of the lineup battling injuries, I reckon.

But you can also make the argument that LaFleur just isn’t that great at his job and is getting the Green Bay position for one reason and one reason only: he has powerful friends.

Everyone is looking for the next great young offensive genius. LaFleur was the quarterback coach in Atlanta under offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan in 2016 when Matt Ryan won the MVP Award and went to the Super Bowl.

Last season, he was the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams under another young genius, Sean McVay. It should be noted that McVay called all the plays and LaFleur was just there.

So why did the Green Bay Packers hire Matt LaFleur?

LaFleur got a head coaching job because he spent an afternoon with Sean McVay and had lunch with Kyle Shanahan, therefore, he must automatically be able to create a dynamic, NFL-changing offense like those two did, right?

Personally, I would probably hire a defensive minded coach seeing as how the Packers have never had a dominant D in Aaron Rodgers’s time in Wisconsin. Rodgers is the best quarterback in football.

He doesn’t need a young mastermind to bring out the best in him. He needs a defense that doesn’t put pressure on him to score every single time he steps onto the field because th secondary got burned for the 3rd consecutive defensive series.

In LaFleur’s defense, the Titans had the 7th ranked rushing offense this past season and the Packers were ranked 22nd. But no one will be judging LaFleur’s success based on the potential running game.

It’s all about how Aaron Rodgers responds and plays under the new regime. If these two clash at all then it’s a wrap for ya boy. But not to worry, he can text Sean McVay or Kyle Shanahan whenever he needs help so this is a great hire or whatever.




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