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Why Did Donald Trump Ask Alex Rodriguez For Coronavirus Advice?

Donald Trump is handling this Coronavirus pandemic horribly. He is suppressing test results, withholding resources from states with governors he doesn’t like and he continues to shake hands and touch every single person in arm’s length.

Republicans cannot keep their hands off each other.

But once you realize who he is consulting about this virus, his incompetence all makes sense.

Donald Trump has been calling Alex Rodriguez for guidance in dealing with the apocalypse. There are over 150,000 cases of Coronavirus and over 2,500 deaths in the United States and those are only reported cases without the numbers being reduced and miscounted to make the US look more in control of an illness that this country’s awful medical infrastructure is completely incapable of handling.

What in the fuck can Alex Rodriguez possibly do to help? What insight does he bring to the table that Donald Trump hasn’t considered?

Let’s talk about Alex Rodriguez’s problem solving skills. In the midst of Major League Baseball investigating his steroid use, A-Rod took his dick out and peed on his cousin’s floor to prove his dominance or some weird shit he must’ve read in a Sun Tzu wikipedia summary.

He has lied about his steroid use from day one and still to this day emits large chunks of time that he used. There are stories that he was juiced up since he was a teenager and if you ask him he’ll simply say ‘look, I made some mistakes’.

He’s an alien who spent a large portion of his life getting powerful handjobs from bodybuilding women. Which is cool or whatever. Everyone has their type. I’m just saying, I wouldn’t ask him for advice on anything outside of where to pick up hot trans women.

But none of this is surprising at all. You people elected a fucking celebrity as the president and always act shocked when he surrounds himself with other celebrities. Who else is Donald Trump going to call? One would assume he already consulted Dr. Oz and Dr. Ruth.

New York is getting hammered the hardest by Coronavirus and Donald Trump is about to disrespectfully toss ventilators at a crowd of dying COVID patients like he did with those paper towels in Puerto Rico after the hurricane.

And if I know Alex Rodriguez like I think I know Alez Rodrguez then I know that approval-seeking sociopath was smiling ear-to-ear helping the same president that literally wants to build a wall to keep people who look like Alex Rodriguez out of the country.

Everyone please just stay home and wash your hands. This administration is going to save you. All we can do is protect ourselves and protect each other by keeping our distance while Trump calls Papa John for Coronavirus advice that ends with “well, just let the brown people catch it”.






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