Why Can’t You Be Openly Racist And Still Get Into Harvard?

Kyle Kashuv is a young man who was accepted into Harvard will now be going to some local community college after posting the n-word like, a lot. Sure, he won’t be a lawyer or whatever but he’s certainly preparing for a future in law enforcement.

A Parkland shooting survivor and pro-Second Amendment activist said Harvard University rescinded his acceptance as a result of racist remarks he made before the 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

Kyle Kashuv disclosed the rescinding Monday in a Twitter thread, acknowledging that he and classmates, then 16, made “abhorrent racial slurs” in digital messages almost two years ago “in an effort to be as extreme and shocking as possible.” (CNN)

So Harvard University was informed that Parkland shooting survivor, Kyle Kashuv, had a biiiit of a history using the n-word. Apparently you can’t be racist and still be admitted into Harvard. Who knew that an applicants character was being judged along with their grades? Society full of snowflakes.

The messages that cost him his Harvard admission came to light in May when a fellow Parkland student tweeted images of the racist messages Kashuv wrote while still a high-school student. In a shared Google Doc with classmates, Kashuv repeatedly wrote the word “n—er,” adding “im really good at typing n—er ok.” In another message, Kashuv called black student athletes “n—erjocks.” (Daily Beast)

Let’s remember, Kashuv made the ‘niggerjocks’ comment when he was 16 okay. Like, let’s move on. He’s a changed man. He’s 18 now after all. That was a lifetime ago.

kyle kashuv

Look at this face. Does this look like the type of kid who would have an inferiority complex and feel less than people of color? Come on.

That was then this is now. Why must Kashuv be responsible for comments he made allllll the way in 2017?

College admissions is a random dice roll. Sometimes your grades matter. Sometimes it’s all about extra circular activities. Sometimes it’s all about how much your mom from Full House is willing to pay a polo coach to sneak you through on a sports scholarship. And sometimes you can’t call people niggers.

It’s so random.

College is dumb.

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