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Why Are You Actually Rooting For a Johnny Manziel Comeback?

Johnny Manziel is set to start his first CFL game this Friday night for the Montreal Alouettes and I have no idea how to pronounce that team name but what I do know is that people are excited for his return to football.

But why?

Before we get into the obvious personal flaws on Manziel, can we talk about how bad Johnny Manziel actually is at football? Yes, he was a superstar in college when he was playing against future accountants and personal trainers but once he met real competition in the NFL, he was exposed.

Johnny Manziel had a 2-6 win-loss record as a starter for the Cleveland Browns. After two seasons, he left the NFL after just 14 career games played with a 57% completion percentage, 7 touchdowns, 7 interceptions and 7 fumbles. Lucky number seven *winks at camera*.

Manziel is bad at football.

Now, I totally get why people like watching him play football. Very few players, especially quarterbacks, play that style of ball. Scrambling quarterbacks are exciting. Black, white or [insert third ethnicity], when the QB breaks out of the pocket and takes off running, you jump out of your seat.

But it was proven quite quickly that he wasn’t athletic enough to outrun NFL defensive linemen let alone linebackers and secondary. Maybe the CFL is easier and he’ll be running all over the field but for people who want Manziel back in the NFL, why?

He sucks at football.

Oh yea, and he hit his ex-girlfriend so hard that her fucking eardrum ruptured. So are we pretending like that never happened or do we not care that it happened? He lost his job, hit his girlfriend and was spotted chugging bottles at a strip club shortly after.

Fuck Johnny Manziel.

He’s a spoiled rich kid that coasted most of his life and figured he can just chill in the NFL and continue to thrive without working hard and thanks to the support of his loyal fans, he is back in football playing for the great Montreal Alouettes. He’s the poster child for white privilege so I guess he’s a hero for the C student whose dad knows a guy.

Now, I don’t think being an alcoholic or an asshole should exclude you from work. Personally, I think if you hit a woman you should be thrown into an active volcano but I understand the belief that one mistake shouldn’t cost you your livelihood and second chances and blah blah.

I’m not saying that Johnny Manziel shouldn’t be allowed to play football or that he should be banned. I’m just saying that no one should be actively rooting for this piece of shit to find success.

BOOOO this man.




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