Why Are We Doing This Shit?

Donald Trump and Joe Biden had their first debate this week as we see America fall to ruin around us but we must keep our heads down and maintain the ruse that we are still living in a democracy.

The debate was straight nonsense. A completely useless charade where two elderly decaying men attempt to demonstrate their masculinity for the moderatorChris Wallace—who needn’t have even bothered showing up because every word out of his mouth was disregarded.

There is no need to go into what they actually said because we already know who these two men are. Joe Biden told Trump to shut up and called him a clown. Liberals applauded because Trump needed to shut up and he is, in fact, a clown.

It didn’t matter. None of this matters. Joe Biden didn’t gain any voters by calling Trump the worst president in the world. We all already know that. Just as Donald Trump didn’t gain any ground when he told the Proud Boys to ‘stand by’. We know Trump loves white supremacists. He didn’t ‘reveal’ anything about who he truly is. His dad was in the fucking KKK.

Why are we doing this shit?

If you actually live in this country then you know none of this matters. This Donald Trump Joe Biden debate wasn’t an attempt to earn our vote. They are forced to go through this bullshit pageant but for most of us, the stakes are astronomically high and nothing that was said in this debate was for us.

Donald Trump is about to select a judge who is going to return America to the 1800’s. Women are about to lose all of the rights to their own bodies and Democratic leaders are more upset that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is going to look down on us and cry which means it’s going to rain every day.

Every. Single. Day, the police are beating the living shit out of people who are in the streets literally protesting against their violence and both presidential candidates stood up there like ‘I love the police. They are the best kissers. We need more cops’, as people’s limbs are being broken by pigs with tiny dicks.

The west coast is on fire and both of these men don’t seem to at all care about the climate. Coronavirus isn’t going anywhere. New York just had a 3% spike that could shut down schools again. Neither of these men is capable of saving us from an airborne illness that we just have to stay inside to avoid.

So what did we gain from this debate? New memes to chuckle at while we squeeze in phone time on our 15 minute break at our second job?

I cannot wait for the first Tuesday in November where we pretend as if our vote changed our daily lives when both candidates and parties have made it exceptionally clear they do not care whether we live or die.

But go vote or whatever.



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Written by TheLesterLee

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