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Why Are The New York Knicks Trying To Acquire Andre Drummond?

According to Shams, the Knicks—who currently have 10 wins—are calling the Detroit Pistons about the availability of star center, Andre Drummond.

Again, the Knicks have 10 wins so the idea that they’d be buyers at this year’s trade deadline makes no sense but no decision that Knicks head exec, Steve Mills, has ever made has been rooted in sense or reality or basketball.

The Knicks have lost their last three games to the Lakers, Jazz and Pelicans by an average of 21 points including a 30-point blowout in Los Angeles.

Instead of looking to sell off Marcus Morris and Julius Randle, they are instead looking to acquire unwanted All-Stars from Detroit.


It also needs to be stated that Andre Drummond has a player option for the summer which means he’s basically playing on a 1-year deal.

Typically, playoff contenders look to acquire expiring contracts as they make their push for the championship. You’re not usually seeing last place teams running to get a guy they could just sign in 5 months without having to give away any assets in the process.

Now, it would be wise for the Knicks to hunt for an All-Star via trade similarly to what Detroit did a few years ago when they traded for Blake Griffin.

No free agents want to come sign with the Knicks so instead of begging superstars to come here under the guise that Madison Square Garden is the greatest building ever made as if that matters to multi-millionaires who play there twice a year regardless of whether or not they’re wearing a Knicks, it would behoove the Knicks to trade for a star.

The problem is that you don’t trade for a star who is on the last year of his contract, you dumb dummies. Blake Griffin just signed a five-year deal before Detroit acquired him for Los Angeles.

Before I continue being confused as hell about these trade discussions, I have to mention that Andre Drummond is a beast. He’s averaging 17.8 points per game and leads the NBA with 16.2 rebounds a night which is insane and would massively upgrade a Knicks roster that has the third-worst rebounding differential in the NBA.

But you can contribute their awful rebounding differential with the fact that they can’t make any shots and it’s far easier for opposing teams to rack up a bunch of defensive rebounds than it is for the Knicks to snatch up offensive rebounds.

New York ranks 26th in the NBA in field goal percentage and 23rd in three-point shooting. You know what the Knicks don’t need? ANOTHER big man who can’t shoot. That’s what their entire roster already consists of.

Oh, let’s also not ignore the fact that they have a 21-year old center who makes $1.5 million this season compared to Drummond’s $25 million.

Perhaps instead of blocking his development and playing time by replacing him with an older more expensive version of him, you can just unleash Robinson. But nope, Mitch has to sit and watch Taj Gibson play for whatever reason.

So why are the New York Knicks trying to trade for Andre Drummond?

The only guess I can make for the Knicks is that they are so desperate to flip Dennis Smith Jr into a significant piece and prove to the media that they didn’t lose the Kristaps Porzingis trade that they’ll bring in any big name they possibly can.

Fire everyone.



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