Why Are Celebrities So Obsessed With Louis Farrakhan’s Bullshit

Celebrities and athletes are jumping out the window left and right to quote and promote the work of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam. As true Civil Rights leader and hero, John Lewis, passed away over the weekend, it’s impossible to not scratch your head at the strange admiration for Farrakhan the Scammer.

Philadelphia Eagle wide receiver, DeSean Jackson, went so far as to post a screenshot from Farrakhan’s very poorly edited book that started with a (fake) Hitler quote. That should probably tell you everything you need to know about Farrakhan. He legitimately looks up to Hitler.

Then people like Stephen Jackson and Dwyane Wade joined DeSean on his flimsy ledge. Finally, Nick Cannon went full-Farrakhan on his radio show ending with CBS cutting all ties with him because, ya know, the Hitler/anti-Semitism stuff.

Let’s take a step back and talk about Louis Farrakhan and his rise to prominence.

Like how he almost certainly had a hand in the assassination of Malcolm X and proceeded to take Malcolm’s role after his death. That act alone should be enough to ignore this opportunist but nope, he still has a following after killing one of the greatest men in American history.

As a leader of the Nation of Islam, it’s important for me to point out that he without a doubt aided the black community and gave them the language they needed to discuss, comprehend and battle their oppression. He spoke at the Million Man March. He was a Civil Rights leader, scamming the whole time, but a leader nonetheless.

Unfortunately, his good work in black communities comes with his constant shitting on the Jewish community with antiquated dumb conspiracy theories about the Jews controlling the world and the banks and the media or whatever.

He calls Jews ‘satanic’ and ‘bloodsuckers’. Again, Hitler shit.

Not to mention his views that women should essentially stay in the kitchen. His support of Donald Trump oh, and that he’s a Scientologist. Louis Farrakhan leads the league is awful takes.

Guys like Stephen Jackson, who keep doubling-down on Farrkhan’s nonsense, like to believe that Farrakhan is ‘speakng the truth’ and saying what other people are afraid to say.

Again, Hitler was certainly not afraid to say any of this.

Black people are without a doubt oppressed by white people in society. And I understand why black people would listen to Louis Farrakhan’s garbage talks involving eugenics and how Jewish people are born with like, evil DNA or whatever but when you speak that way you are using the same insufferable rhetoric that some racist white people believe about blacks. That black people are inferior and are genetically designed to be violent.

I understand feeling confused as to why some white people hate black people for seemingly no reason and listening to Farrakhan confidently preach about how Jews were born greedy or some shit might provide the answers that you’re looking for but it’s far more simple than genetics.

People in power will do whatever it takes to maintain that power. Write laws, poison neighborhoods, continually hold brown people down and trick poor white people into believing that brown people are holding them down instead of capitalism which only works if poor people stay poor.

This isn’t something in white people’s DNA. It’s just how humans have behaved from Day one and continue to behave today.

And to single out the Jews is just a crazy way to dilute your message and turn one specific group into scapegoats because Farrakhan is a super conservative who supports guys like Donald Trump and Mike Pence even though those two are clearly going out of their way to ensure another generation of white power.

So the Rothchilds own a bank. Therefore ALL Jews are bad? Because one Jewish family has money all Jews are evil? This isn’t a complicated code the crack here, guys. And honestly, conspiracy theories often just let the real bad guys completely off the hook. Don’t focus on defunding the police and gutting the justice system and changing the way we vote and campaign contribution laws. Nope. It’s all the Jews running things and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Fuck that.

We can raise up black people without tearing down Jews, women or gay people. You can demonstrate black pride and black power without quoting Louis Farrakhan The Scientologist.

We are so desperate for strong black leadership that we willfully ignore the obvious red flags in Farrakhan’s speeches and even the red flags in his life. Odd that he’s soooooo radical yet he easily walked through the Civil Rights era unscathed while true radicals like MLK, Malcolm and Fred Hampton did not. Almost as if, he’s not that radical at all and he’s just a conservative weirdo like Ben Shapiro.

Blacks and Jews have so much in common as far as how they’ve been treated and continue to be treated—staring directly at Palestine—and now more than ever is the perfect time to be working together and moving forward together and making changes together.

Also, Chelsea Handler was out here posting Louis Farrakhan’s clips. You never want to have the same social media posts as Chelsea Handler.




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