Who Would You Rather Have As Your Starting Point Guard: D’Angelo Russell or Lonzo Ball?

The Los Angeles Lakers are 21-52 and they currently sit as the worst team in the Western Conference. They have shut down Loul Deng and Timofey Mosgov for the remainder of the season as they seem committed to the tank.

With that being said, there is a very good chance that the Lakers end up being able to draft literally whoever they want. Now, the question becomes, will they draft Lonzo Ball?

Lonzo Ball has recently mentioned that playing for the Los Angeles Lakers would be a dream come true for him.

“The NBA is the NBA, but it would be a blessing to be able to play for the Lakers,” Ball said on ESPN’s “First Take.”

“It’s in L.A., I’m from here, my whole family’s here.”


I don’t necessarily think Lonzo Ball is the best player coming out of the draft. He is never going to average 20 points a game over the course of a season and has a jump shot that will definitely get swatted into the bleachers.

But he is for sure the most exciting to watch and clearly has a great basketball I.Q. Remember the pass first point guard? He is the last of a dying breed.

Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Lakers already have D’Angelo Russell on the roster and although he hasn’t quite turned into the star the Lakers had hoped he’d be by now, Russell has definitely shown signs and flashes of what he’s capable of when he gets confident.

But who would you rather have as your starting point guard?

D’Angelo Russell recorded Swaggy P bragging about cheating on Iggy Azalea and destroyed his marriage. Snitches get stiches.

Lonzo Ball has Lavar Ball as his hype man yelling over his shoulder about how great he is like Jimmy Hart in the WWF except the WWF is fake and Lavar Ball truly thinks he can beat Michael Jordan one-on-one.

They both can play basketball but they both seem like they’re a real chore to be around. Can the Lakers just package them together and trade for Damian Lillard or Paul George? D’Angelo Russell and Lonzo Ball suuuck.




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