Who Will Have a Better NBA Career: Brandon Ingram or Lonzo Ball?

Kawhi Leonard and Gregg Popovich are having a very public divorce in San Antonio and now they are scrambling to decide who gets custody of the kids. Kawhi is moving to Los Angeles no matter what and it’s up to San Antonio to decide if they want to let him walk or get something in exchange for his talents.

The problem is, the Los Angeles Lakers don’t seem to have what San Antonio wants especially considering that it is being reported that the Spurs have zero interest in Lakers point guard, Lonzo Ball.

It would almost be a guarantee that Brandon Ingram would be involved in the deal but many are saying that Ingram is the Lakers best prospect and they’d be giving San Antonio their next big star. I’d argue, yup, that’s what an NBA trade is.

But anyway, most of this discussion is swirling around a very obvious question that I’m not sure the Lakers organization even have a clear answer for.

Who will have a better NBA career: Brandon Ingram or Lonzo Ball?

I’m going to start this off with a hot take: Lonzo Ball will be an All-Star next season.

Let me qualify that by saying if he’s playing with LeBron James next year then he will have more eyes on his game and I’ll also add that there seems to always to be a bunch of injury replacements every year.

Goran Dragic was an All-Star last season. Lonzo Ball is in there.

Lonzo has an almost identical game to Jason Kidd back in the day and Jason Kidd is one of the greatest point guards in NBA history. He led a pretty average New Jersey Nets team to the NBA Finals year after year, where Kobe, Shaq and then Tim Duncan murdered them.

Point is, his court vision can’t be taught and it’s already top notch for a player that’s 20 years old. In his rookie campaign, he averaged 10 points a game with 7 rebounds and 7 assists. Little Rajon Rondo out there.

Sure, Lonzo has a weird ass jump shot. He shot 30% from the 3-point and 45% from the free throw line. I’ll be real, you cannot be a professional basketball player and shoot 45% from the free throw line. That should be illegal. Lonzo should have to spend a week in prison for those numbers.

But after one season, the sky is the limit for this guy.

Enter Brandon Ingram.

Let me start off by saying that both players are 20 years old and has one more season in the NBA under his belt than Lonzo. Ingram has a 7’3 wingspan and physically looks like the best athlete on the court every time he steps onto a court.

Last season he averaged 16 points a game with 5 rebounds and 4 assists. Unlike Lonzo, Ingram shot a pretty good 39% from the 3-point line. Ingram’s problem seems to be his own personal identity crisis.

Ingram has all the tools to be a scorer off the dribble like Kevin Durant. He has the physical attributes to be a lockdown defender and an open floor catch and shoot player like Paul George. And with Lonzo off the floor, Ingram has shown flashes of his ability to play point forward and run the offense like Ben Simmons.

So who will have a better career?

Brandon Ingram being the star player in San Antonio playing under Gregg Popovich will almost automatically transform him into the next Kawhi Leonard. Look at Ingram’s face. He looks high as shit over in LA. Bring him to a place where weed is illegal and it’s a wrap. Pray for the NBA.

LeBron is going to kick in the doors at Staples Center and destroy everyone’s self-esteem in the building. JR Smith isn’t a man anymore. LeBron stripped that from him. I haven’t seen Kevin Love smile since like, 2014. I wouldn’t be shocked if LeBron saw his teammate, Lonzo, taking a 3-pointer, and swatted that shit into the front row.

Pray for Lonzo.



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