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Who Will Get a New Job First: Tomi Lahren or Colin Kaepernick?

In the past few weeks, two very controversial and problematic assholes have found themselves on the unemployment line. I’m sure no one is weeping for these two sociopaths but it’s interesting to think where there future lies, if they have a future at all.

Tomi Lahren was Glenn Beck’s conservative puppet. Her job was to be cute and say absurd nonsense about the Black Panthers being terrorists and Black Lives Matters being as bad as ISIS. Hot takes on hot takes on hot takes.

Colin Kaepernick came out of the clouds with an afro and became a civil rights activists seemingly overnight. There’s nothing wrong with that part of course but he decided to protest by taking a knee during the National Anthem. Whether you believe that move was noble or you thought it was disrespectful, I jumped the fuck off the Kaepernick train when the man who was preaching change all season long decided that he wouldn’t vote in the election. What a dick.

Tomi Lahren was fired because she accidentally revealed that she was actually pro-choice and said that all conservatives should be down for abortions thus embarrassing Glenn Beck and proving that she doesn’t quite understand what it means to be a Republican which was literally her job.

Colin Kaepernick is currently an NFL free agent. I’m not sure if he hasn’t been signed yet because he draws too much attention to himself or because he throws all you can eat interceptions, which I suppose draws too much attention to himself.

Who will get a new job first?

Tomi Lahren has no discernible skills and proved that her opinions flip flop seemingly every month. She is only good for an argument in which she completes ignores what the other side is saying. She is essentially just a hot blonde.

She’ll be working for Fox News by the end of the week.

As of right now, the New York Jets starting quarterback is Josh McCown. Mark Sanchez might start for the Chicago Bears. I don’t think the Houston Texans even have a quarterback on the roster. Colin Kaepernick, the turnover machine, will most likely be wearing a jersey this season.

So who will get a new job first?

Hopefully neither of these two assholes are ever near a TV again.






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