Who Should Be The Next Big Marvel Villain After Thanos?

The Infinity War is over. Spoilers: Thanos didn’t win, if you can believe it. But after a decade of building up the best villain the MCU ever had, Marvel needs to introduce a new big bad to make us stick around for another decade.

Most of the main cast is gone and who knows how long Chris Hemsworth is going to want to diet to play Thor and if as of right now the Avengers consists of Black Panther, Captain Marvel, The Falcon (Captain America) and Scarlet Witch, Marvel needs a villain to make us care enough to keep coming to the theatres every 6 months.

The good news for Marvel is that Disney acquired all of Fox’s content so the MCU gets to bring in the X-Men and Fantastic Four which opens a floodgate of new potential villains.

The obvious solution is Magneto. The X-Men’s arch nemesis and one of the most powerful mutants in the world.

The problem with making Magneto the main villain of the entire MCU is that you have to do so much heavy lifting to explain the existence of mutants to begin with.

Mutants have an X gene that they’re born with and their powers develop throughout their life. In the comics, mutants have existed from as far back as Ancient Egypt so it would be strange that 10 years into the MCU suddenly mutants start sprouting out of nowhere.

To introduce the X-Men, they’re probably going to need to do some multiverse weird science shit and now we’re bringing in alternate universes and dimensions and shit and yea, let’s figure out the X-Men before we use their characters as the focal point the entire world.

There are a lot of articles out there that say Galactus is the next one up. If Thanos was such a destructive force, naturally you’d need a villain that’s even more powerful than that.

What made Thanos so great wasn’t just that he had the power to throw a moon at Iron Man, although that was amazing, but it’s because he was a character with motivations and reasons for his actions.

Galactus swallows planets because he needs to in order to survive but you wouldn’t necessarily characterize him as uh, charismatic.

We’re not going to get a speech about his twisted philosophies. He’s just going to send the Silver Surfer to do all of his talking and that’s not quite the same.

No one wants to see Captain Marvel punch a huge emotionless machine that is massive enough to quite literally walk through space and eat planets like cookies.

There is only one possible villain interesting enough and a big enough threat worthy of the MCU.

Dr. Doom is objectively the best comic book villain Marvel has. He is a genius scientist, a sorcerer a time traveler and the ultimate ‘you have to rack a few eggs to make an omelette’ style Despot.

Doom can pontificate far better than Thanos ever could and like Thanos, he truly believes that he is in the right and he is a god who should rule humanity as he is the only one that can save mankind.

Unlike Magneto, it doesn’t take nearly as much heavy lifting to introduce the Fantastic Four and Latveria, the Eastern European country that Doom rules over.

Plus, you can slowly build the rise of Doctor Doom in the background of these movies much like they did with Thanos. He can appear as simply a colleague of Reed Richards in a Fantastic Four movie and through a series of post-credit scenes, we watch Doom building his empire.

A super dope element that made Thanos so great when he finally appeared was that the Avengers knew he was coming and Thanos knew they were going to try to stop him.

He and Tony Stark had been keeping tabs on each other for years and when they finally met (before Thanos throws a moon at him) their interaction seems personal as hell.

You can build Doom’s personal resentment of not just the Fantastic Four but all of the Avengers as they are his direct ideological opposition.

It’s Doctor Doom’s world and we’re all just lucky to live in it.

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