Who is Running Major League Baseball?

This Houston Astros cheating scandal refuses to go away. Every day there is new information regarding how badly the Astros cheated and how clearly Major League Baseball tried to sweep the entire story under the rug.

There is a new report that former Oakland A’s catcher and current Boston Red Sox Spring Training invitee (yikes), Jonathan Lucroy, has come out and said that Mike Fiers and the A’s told Major League Baseball about the Astros cheating and Rob Manfred didn’t do shit.


Both the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians also complained about the Astros banging trash cans and whistling to steal signs.

MLB did a fake investigation and pretended to care but ultimately didn’t do a damn thing until Mike Fiers put his name into The Athletic’s report and MLB could no longer ignore the problem.

Mike Fiers has been under attack for being a ‘snitch’. First, by Jessica Mendoza—who has since joined me in the wonderful world of unemployment—went on the Dan LeBatard show to say that what Fiers did was worse than what the Astros did. An insane take.

And now David Ortiz—a man who was literally put back together from scratch after the husband of the woman he was having an affair with hired shooters to put holes in him—has come out to talk shit about Mike Fiers.

“I’m mad at this guy, the pitcher who came out talking about it,” Ortiz said at JetBlue Park on Thursday. “And let me tell you why. Oh, after you make your money, after you get your ring, you decide to talk about it. Why don’t you talk about it during the season when it was going on? Why didn’t you say, ‘I don’t want to be no part of it? So you look like you’re a snitch. Why you gotta talk about it after? That’s my problem. Why nobody said anything while it was going on?”

We don’t need to rehash how corny it is to get mad at the whistleblower instead of the actual crime organization. These comments are dumb. We understand this. Hopefully.

But all of this could have been avoided if Rob Manfred actually took action when he was initially tipped off about the Astros scamming. It doesn’t help when the commissioner of the league comes out and defends his decision to not vacant the 2017 World Series by essentially saying that the title doesn’t even matter and called it a “piece of metal”.

There is absolute chaos out here as players want the Astros players dead and the Astros are coming right back and telling everyone to shut the fuck up. And again, all of this could’ve been avoided if MLB did ANYTHING about this sooner.

So who is running Major League Baseball?

We can go back and forth about the reasons why Rob Manfred chose not to suspend any of the Astros players especially after every single report said that the cheating was completely ‘player-driven’.

Manfred came out and said that he struck a deal with the Player’s Union that allowed the Astros players to get full immunity if they cooperated with the investigation so you can blame the union.

But at the end of the day, when you’re investigating someone on the crimes they committed, you don’t offer them immunity for their participation in the investigation. Oh, just confess to this murder and you’re free to go my dude. Thank you for being honest about the rape, here, let me pay for your uber home.

And let’s make one thing clear, the reason he didn’t vacate the title is because he personally doesn’t think this is a big deal. He mentioned that there was no precedent set which means he doesn’t think that the batter’s knowing exactly what pitch was coming their way via cameras in centerfield was that a big of a deal and worthy of changing MLB history.

Do you want to know why he ignored all of the warnings from other teams back in 2017? Do you want to know why he didn’t punish any of the players? Do you want to know why he didn’t vacate the championship?

Because Rob Manfred doesn’t give a fuck about any of this. None of this matters to him. This is an annoying burden for him and he’s waiting for the games to start so he can stop being asked a situation that truly doesn’t concern him at all.

The commissioner of Major League Baseball doesn’t care about Major League Baseball.







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