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Who Is Most Likely To Be On The Yankees Roster in 2020: Miguel Andujar, Greg Bird or Clint Frazier?

The New York Yankees farm system has been incredibly fruitful the past few seasons with the rise of Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge as the new faces of the organization.

Yankees GM, Brian Cashman has also done an amazing job going out there and acquiring gifted prospects from other organizations. Gleyber Torres was ripped from the Chicago Cubs and Luke Voit was taken in a heist of the St. Louis Cardinals.

The problem with having all of these great prospects is that there are only 9 hitters in the batting lineup every night. Only 8 field positions so when you hoard all of the prospects, you’re sort of rolling the dice and in a way, you’re kind of hoping that some of them don’t become stars.

The biggest casualty of war is Greg Bird, who rose to fame in 2015 with 11 homers and 31 RBIs in 46 games. In his 5th career game, he hit two homers and the legend of Greg Bird began.

Anddd then he missed all of 2016 with a torn labrum. Just like that, it was over. Bird would only end up playing 48 games in 2017 batting .190 and splitting time with Todd Frazier when he returned.

All Bird had to do was play better than Chris Carter did that season. He could not.

But who can forget the 2017 ALDS when the Yankees went down 0-2 and came back to win 3 straight games and advance to the ALCS but they couldn’t have made it without that 1-0 victory in Game 3 thanks to Bird’s solo home run off Andrew Miller who the Yankees traded to Cleveland two months earlier. (Also funny to remember that Gio Urshela hit .167 that series and was basically an instant out),

Excuses ended in 2018.

Bird was healthy as hell and hit .199 He eventually lost his job to Luke Voit. Fast forward to this season and Bird is once again gone with an ankle injury and no timetable for a return.

Miguel Andujar was never supposed to happen.

The Yankees entered 2018 with a plan at third base. They sent Chase Headley’s bitch ass back to San Diego and they acquired 25-year Brandon Drury from Arizona to hold down third base for the next decade.

Brandon Drury revealed to the Yankees that he had been suffering from migraines his entire career only to be sent to the DL and replaced by Miguel Andujar who instantly stole that kid’s job and sent Drury’s ass to AAA until he was inevitably traded to the Toronto Blue Jays for JA Happ.

Andujar led the 2018 Yankees with a .297 average yet Brian Cashman still entered the offseason flirting with Manny Machado and attempting to send Andujar out for a pitcher.

Reminder: Miguel Andujar was never supposed to happen and the Yankees used his breakout season as the ultimate trade chip. They even attempted to re-work his entire defensive third base game which promptly ended with Andujar suffering a season-ending shoulder injury that took him off the trade market entirely.

*eyeroll* I guess this is where I talk about Clint Frazier now.

Clint entered the 2017 season as the Yankees No. 1 prospect. He was the prize of the Andrew Miller trade to Cleveland. Brian Cashman raved about his ‘legendary bat speed’. Ok.

For the past three years, it was supposed to be Clint time.

In 2017, Aaron Judge became one of the best players in baseball. In 2018, the Yankees traded for Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Hicks had a career year.

And now in 2019, with all of the aforementioned star outfielders suffering injuries, Clint Frazier singlehandedly lost a game defensively and then had a weird press conference where he pouted about the media being mean to him or whatever.

Worth noting, he was demoted to AAA shortly after and has not been heard from since.


Who is most likely to be on the New York Yankees 2020 roster?

The Yankees are thirsty to move Andujar. This season’s emergence of Gio Urshela just gave them an even greener light to trade Miggy. Gio is an astronomically better defender and if the season were to end today, Urshela would have a .301 batting average.

Aaron Hicks and Giancarlo Stanton have longterm contracts. Aaron Judge will 1000% end up with Giancarlo Stanton money himself. And all three players are in their athletic prime and will be playing the outfield for years to come.

Clint Frazier literally has nowhere to play here in New York and after his strange fight with the media, Frazier probably already has a bag packed ready to be traded at the deadline.

Or maybe he doesn’t. This sociopath probably thinks he’s better than Aaron Judge and can’t figure out why he isn’t starting over him.

So that leaves one…

Greg Bird discovered the cheat code years ago.

The Yankees can’t trade you if you’re never healthy long enough to be placed on the trade block. There’s a 99% chance that he spends the rest of his career in pinstripes simply due to technicalities.



Greb Bird batting .350 with 6 homers in spring training and then tearing his labrum riiiight when the regular season begins and missing the entire year only to return in the ALCS and hit a go-ahead homer in the bottom of the 8th.

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