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Who Had The Best Feature on More Life?

I’ve been listening to Drake’s new album More Life nonstop since it came out because I am constantly battling between being an extreme narcissist and extremely depressed. It’s as if every day I go through a break up and one hour I miss her and the next hour I’m glad to be single again.

Drake understands my pain completely.

Love or hate Drake, you can’t deny he does a very good job of featuring guests on his albums. He’ll cater beats, song topics and even his own flow to the guest. I mean, that’s mainly so he can take credit for that artists success later on and ride their wave all to the way to the bank but that’s a discussion for another day.

I have to start with Kanye West because if Kanye West was reading this, he’d want me to start with Kanye West. I’ve always preferred Kanye West features over his own singles, especially recently. I love the way he composes a guest feature. It’s never just one verse followed by another verse. There are always bells and whistles and something different.

I also hate every time Kanye tries to sing and Glow would get him eliminated from American Idol immediately. Simon Cowell would have none of that bullshit.

Who had the best feature on More Life?

No idea who Giggs was prior to More Life and I still have no idea who he is but his I love the contrast between his voice and Drake’s. I can’t imagine listen to entire Giggs album. He sounds like the creepy guy who used to call my exgirlfriend. I will say his ate that No Long Talk beat. But again, would never listen to a Giggs album.

Quavo and Travis Scott did exactly what you wanted from them. I don’t know how there are still people who don’t consider Migos or Travis Scott to be ‘real’ hip hop. Quavo has literally zero bad verses. You know exactly what you’re going to get from him and he always delivers.

What makes Travis Scott so great is that his verses get better the more you listen to them. Travis definitely had the best verse on Portland and it almost made you forgive Drake for picking a beat with that annoying recorder playing hot cross buns.

I’ve been told that I am supposed to love Sampha. I’ve been told that 4422 is the best song on More Life. I think that track sticks out like a sore thumb and not in a good way. It sounds like it was cut from Views and Views was a pretty shitty album so if it wasn’t good enough to make that album then I won’t pretend like it’s a good song. It’s for sure on my Spotify nap playlist though so that’s dope.

Has 2 Chainz ever had a bad guest verse? Sacrifices is such a fire emoji song and everyone does their part. It was Drake at his Drake-est as he claims to have made ‘sacrifices’ (laugh out loud) and 2 Chainz rapping about trapping out of the Hilton. Love it.

Young Thug stuffed every nerd in a locker that says he can’t rap without autotune. On Sacrifices, Young Thug has one of the realest verses he’s ever spit and proved it’s not autotune that makes him great. Then on Ice Melts he goes right back to doing what he does best, saying very simple words in very unique and unusual ways to make fire hooks.

9 times out 10, if Young Thug is on your album then of course he had the best feature.

But who had the best feature on More Life?

JORJA SMITH FROM THE TOP ROPE. Get It Together is essentially a Jorja Smith song with Drake doing a guest feature and it’s easily my favorite song on More Life. She’s the only person who I heard on this album and immediately had to pause and hear more tracks from.

Drake is such a wave rider that I feel a little weird saying how much I love Jorja Smith because she was probably starting to blow up before Drake used her and I hate being a naive music fan but

Jorja, you should let me love you.



Sidenote: Shout out to Skepta. I wrote this long paragraph about how I knew about him long before More Life but then I realized how lame and hipster-y it was and that no one gives a shit so yea, I see you Skepta.


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