Who Gives a Shit About TV Ratings?

The NBA is coming off what might be their most successful season in league history after needing to shut down at the beginning of the pandemic only to bring teams back for a bubble in Orlando and crown a champion with zero positive Covid tests.

But for some reason, the worst people you know online are calling this season a failure because the playoff TV ratings were low. Game 6 had 5.6 million viewers which is the lowest number in NBA Finals history. It was less than half of what Sunday Night Football had that same night. Last year’s Finals drew 18.3 million viewers.

Naturally bad faith right-wing racists blamed the ratings drop of the NBA’s social justice messages. Imagine loving basketball and deciding not to watch the playoffs because Derrick Favors has ‘Vote’ on the back of his jersey.

I love when people site that Michael Jordan’s last title in 1998 had 36 million viewers. No shit. MASH’s finale had 106 million views in 1983. There were also only 9 channels back then and only 17 shows to choose from.

It is so obviously disingenuous to pretend like Black Lives Matters being painted on the sideline is why people didn’t watch the Finals and not the fact that people almost overwhelming don’t even have cable anymore and are scrolling through HBO Max and Disney Plus.

We’re also in the midst of a pandemic with over 17 million Americans unemployed and that is a low estimate. If you’ve ever struggled to work or you have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, what are the chances you’re sitting down to watch Jae Crowder play 40 minutes in the Finals on a Sunday night?

All of this TV ratings bullshit is a direct spawn of Donald Trump’s obsession with ratings. Even before he was president, half of his tweets were rolling his eyes at the TV ratings of his enemies. Now these conservative losers who just copy all of Trump’s lame low-IQ mannerisms so now these worms like Clay Travis cannot stop talking about TV ratings.

Who cares?

Do you guys think uh…the NBA is going to be canceled if they don’t have enough viewers? You guys concerned that it will be taken off the air before the season finale? Stop treating this league like it’s fucking Whiskey Cavalier. The NBA isn’t going anywhere. TV ratings do not matter.

“I love The Wire but the ratings are low. A shame.”

Just say you hate black people and leave us alone. Also wear a face mask, loser.




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