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Who Gives a Shit About The Mexican President?

Over the weekend, clips circulated of Democratic presidential candidates freezing when they were asked to name the president of Mexico. It was a cute little Twitter moment to roast Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer for being stumped by a question that we have somehow deemed imperative for our leaders.

Hahaha isn’t this amazing? These people want to become president and don’t know the names of foreign rulers. These simps. Oh, and Pete Buttigieg knew. That settles it. I know where my vote is going now after this crucial and decisive ‘gotcha’ moment. Long Live The Rat Mayor.

What if…*whispers*…none of this shit matters?

People on the left are trying to have their annoying little cake and eat it too. Every day the political discourse is based on the idea that these primaries are all about voting for whoever is the most ‘electable’ and who has the best chance to beat Donald Trump.

No one seems to care about actual policy or how shitty these people’s political careers have been. It’s all about beating Trump by any means necessary.

Simultaneously, these same people are putting stock in pointless interviews about the name of the Mexican president, an easily Googlable question that has absolutely nothing to do with anything important.

Instead of discerning which candidates have the best ideas to improve this country and which candidates are lazy centrists with no real plans outside of ‘let’s keep everything the same, babyyy’, we are snickering about candidates not making it past the third question in HQ Trivia.

Can we have someone sit Amy Klobuchar down and ask her about how she interacts with her staff like she’s Donkey Kong throwing barrels at Mario? Can we ask Mayor Pete why he went out of his way to drive black residents out of South Bend during his time as Mayor? Can we stop wasting our time asking Tom Steyer fucking anything?

The wealth gap has turned the middle class into a wacky relic of the past like the lindy hoop or non-partisan politics. We have a regime in office in which there are no longer consequences to the crimes they are committing. We are at the doorstep of an impossible-to-win war with Iran.

Who gives a shit about the Mexican president?

I get the feeling that whoever wins the nomination will be briefed on world leaders. Mexico is nowhere near the top of the priorities list right now. These dumb Selina Meyer Veep moments don’t matter anymore.

Trump bragged about grabbing women by the pussy without their consent and became president. Joe Biden hasn’t put together a normal sentence with a subject followed by the correct adjacent predicate and he was leading the polls for most of this election cycle.

Can we stop the cutesie ‘lol they didn’t know a specific thing that I believe a president ought to know’ and focus more on the ideas and policies that these assholes are actually running on?


Also, just vote for Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.





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