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White Supremacists Are PISSED At Jemele Hill For Calling Donald Trump a White Supremacist

Here’s what Fox Sports analyst Clay Travis had to say on the matter:

Look at ESPN’s ratings, they’re collapsing. Another idea would be look at their business model, they have lost 13 million subscribers in the past few years, and they are alienating their core audience, which is guys and girls who just want to pop a beer and watch a football game.

They don’t want to hear that Colin Kaepernick is a modern-day Rosa Parks. They have don’t want to hear, that someone like Caitlin Jenner is a hero that everyone should aspire to be, or that Michael Sam, because he likes to sleep with men, is a modern day Jackie Robinson.

Those are things that ESPN wants to sell, that’s why I call them “MSESPN.” Look, no, it’s not a strong business strategy. I always like to point to Michael Jordan, a guy who became a billionaire because is he good at putting a ball in a basket and good at dunking the basketball. Do you remember what he said? Republicans buy sneakers too.

Well if ESPN were smart, they wouldn’t be going to war with conservatives and Republicans and Donald Trump voters, they would be acknowledging that this should be the backbone of their brand.


If you want to hear more from people that disagree with Jemele Hill, just go through her mentions real quick and prepare for the venom of the internet. People are PISSED that this Sportscenter anchor would dare call Donald Trump a white supremacist even though everyone he surrounds himself with is a white supremacist and he refuses to deny the fact that he is one himself which is strange. If everyone kept calling me a Nazi, I would say fairly early on that I am not, in fact, a nazi.

But here’s the real problem with this tweet. It’s not a matter of right and wrong here. You just can’t publically shit on the president of the United States and not expect consequences at work. Curt Schilling for sure had some wild shit to say about Barack Obama and ESPN gave him the boot.

Yes, again, Trump is for sure a bigot but pointing that out to people does not mesh well with her current job description. I hate the idea of ‘stick to sports’ as everyone with a brain has their opinions outside of the teams they root for but if you work for a company whose audience is half Trump supporters than you are alienating people and costing your company that sweet sweet cash money, baby.

Keep doing your thing Jemele Hill but ya know, be prepared for consequences and blah blah. Also, fuck Clay Travis.




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