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White People Are Now Calling The Police On Black People For Having Money

What Happened?

Paul McCowns told Cleveland 19 News he went to the Huntington branch inside Giant Eagle on Biddulph Avenue in Brooklyn on Dec. 1.

“I had got a new job. I worked there for about three weeks,” he said.

McCowns said this was the first check from his new job with an electric company. He was asked for two forms of ID, which both he and bank employees confirm he provided.

They tried to call my employer numerous times. He never picked up the phone,” he said.

The paycheck was for a little more than $1,000. Tellers told him they couldn’t cash it.

I get in my truck and the squad car pull in front of me and he says get out the car,” McCowns said.

What he didn’t know is that as he was leaving the bank, employees called 9-1-1 on him.


Paul McCowns just wanted to be a responsible gentleman and create a bank account at the local Huntington Branch and ended up having to get berated by police officers because whites.

It’s not even like my man walked in with a blank check that had $1,000,00 scribbled in green crayon. McCowns brought in a $1,000 check. What’s the economy like in Ohio if $1,000 checks are red flags. LeBron James leaving really fucked that place up.

And the check was from an electric company. I don’t know much about Brooklyn, Ohio, a place that sounds made up, but I imagine they don’t have an abundance of local electric companies running up and down the block.

They don’t want us to be poor. We have to pull ourselves up from our bootstraps and stop taking advantage of the system. They don’t want us to have money or they’ll call the police on us. 

I hope these bank tellers need electrical work done at their homes and Paul McCowns shows up and completely destroys the interior of their houses.




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